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Basswood Small Santa Turning
Basswood Small Santa Turning 1-7/8" wide x 4" tall Original Gene Webb carving not included. ..
Carving a Santa Face- DVD
Gene Webb brings you Volume Four of his Woodcarving series, Carving a Santa Face. Starting with band..
Large Santa Face
A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. Carved from Butternut. This was carved from Gene's Christ Head ..
Large Santa Head
 A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. Large Santa Head carved from Basswood .6'' TALL X 3 1/2''..
Santa Carved in a Large Spool
A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. Santa carved in a Spool  4 1/4'' T X 2 1/2'' W   ..
Santa Face in a 1/2 Rolling Pin
A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving..17 " in length and 2" wide. Santa Face in a 1/2 Basswood Rolling p..
Santa Face in a Boat Paddle
 An original Gene Webb Woodcarving. Santa carved in a Boat Paddle. Carved in Basswood. 2' x 3 1..
Santa Icicle Turning
Santa Icicle Turning, 6" tall x 1 1/2". ..
Santa in a Basswood Turning
An Original Gene Webb Woodcaring.  A small Santa face in a Basswood Turning.  4'' T X 2'' ..
Santa in a Beer Bottle
A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. The Beer Bottle Santa carved in Basswood 9' x 2 1/4 " ..
Santa in a Bowling Pin
A Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. The Bowling Pin Santa. Carved from Basswood and Measures 6 1/2" x ..
Santa in a Large Egg
A Original Gene Webb woodcarving. Santa carved in a Large Basswood Egg.  4 3/4'' T X 3 1/2'' W ..
Santa in a Small Basswood Egg
 A Gene Webb original Woodcarving  Santa carved in a basswood egg. 3''T X 1 3/4''W   ..
Santa in a Small Spool
SMALL SPOOL SANTA 2 1/2'' T X 1 1/2'' W  30.00 ..
Santa Turning
Basswood Santa Turning 3-1/2" wide x 5-1/2" tall Gene Webb original carving not included. ..

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