Gene Webb Original Carvings

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Cedar Woodspirit
Cedar Woodspirit 11"to 12" long x 3" wide Matte Finish Singed and dated.Wood shapes may vary. ..
Chainsaw Bear
A 24" Black chainsaw bear, made just for you, out of red cedar.The bear is painted, with a nice matt..
Copperhead Staff
Copperhead staff,made just for you. Around 56" long with a open mouth copperhead,Also can be made in..
Cottonwood Bark Woodspirit
Woodspirit made from cottonwood bark. A gene Webb original 8" long x 2 1/2" to 3" wide. with a nice ..
Eagle Pine Knot Wall Hangers
A Gene Webb Original Carving. Carved from a Pine Knot, The Eagle is approx 8" to 10" in length. ..
Erotic Carving
Erotic Breast carving. Butternut 6 inch wide by 8 inch tall ..
A Gene Webb original lying down fawn,made just for you. 9 long x 5 wide painted. ..
Female Figure Carving
Female Figure Carving. Butternut, approximately 7 wide x 17 high with base. Wood grain may vary. ..
Gene Webb Original Carving Indian in Cottonwood Bark  (SOLD)
Native American Indian in Cottonwood Bark.   This carving is sold and in a private collec..
Gene Webb Original Carving....Cedar Indian
This is a Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. Carved from Cedar, the Indian is approximately 4'' wi..
Gene Webb Original Carving....The Aviator (SOLD)
This Original Gene Webb Carving is Sold and in a private collection. ..
Gene Webb Original Carving: Indian in Cottonwood Bark
This is a Gene Webb Original Woodcarving. The Indian is carved in Cottonwood Bark and is approximate..
Gene Webb Original Walnut Indian Profile
Gene Webb Original Walnut Indian Half 14in. long x 9in. wide Can also be made out of Red Cedar.Wood ..
Indian Girl Mask
Indian girl mask blackwalnut,made just for you. 20 tall x 12 wide, with moving feathers. grain color..
Indian Girl Profile
Indian girl profile from black walnut. Made just for you, 18 inches long x 12 inches wide with a nic..

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